1. Prismatica (Nudisco)

2. Flux (Techno)

3. The Art Of Hip Hop (Chillout/ Hip hop)

4. Transdigital (IDM)

5. Deja Vu (New Age)

Carl Andre

Everything is Deja Vu

Released 2019

Spotify single: Flux, The Art Of Hip hop


1. Long After (New Age)

2. Bring Me Shine (Futurebass)

3. Erhu (Folktronica)

4. Always Morel (Electronic Melodic)

5. TKO (Techno)

6. Stop, Breathe and Roll With It (IDM)

7 No Bad Days (Happy Hardcore)

8. Egg Rolls (EDM)

Carl Andre

Gee Bee

Released 2018

Spotify single:: No Bad Days

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